Collection: Anal Dildos

As everyone knows, BDSM stands for Butts, Derrieres, Sbutts and Maximus (Gluteus). While that may not be true, what is true is that anal dildos are the ultimate BDSM sex toys. They are versatile, pleasurable and can be used by both men and women (as the old saying goes: “Excuses are like assholes; everyone has one”).

At Peachy BDSM, we have a fantastic range of anal dildos which are sure to enhance your backdoor fun. Shaped like a classic dildo but with a base to prevent any mishaps, our anal dildos will stimulate all those hard-to-reach sensitive nerve endings. They are perfect for prostate stimulation and double penetration, and can even be used for vaginal penetration and clit play.

Our anal dildos are made from the highest quality silicone so they look good, feel great and are 100% safe to use. With fast, discreet delivery and free shipping for orders over $69, what are you waiting for?