Collection: Cuffs & Shackles

Bondage literally puts the B in BDSM and there is nothing more erotic than tying your partner up and taking complete control of their body (or letting them do the same to you!)

Handcuffs and shackles are essential items in every BDSM lover’s sex toy collection and they can be used for so many different bondage roleplay scenarios and S&M sessions. At Peachy BDSM, our cuffs and shackles are among our customers' favourite items and we are always looking for new items to satisfy their bondage needs.

We have classic handcuffs, perfect for chaining your partner to the bed, full body shackles to render them totally at your mercy and spreader bars which will leave your partner spread wide and ready for whatever you have planned for them. If you simply can’t choose between all our amazing items, we even have full bondage sets complete with shackles, cuffs, blindfolds and collars.