Collection: Arm Binders

Bondage is a major part of BDSM and there are many different bondage toys and accessories which are vital items in every BDSM lover’s collection. We have cuffs, restraints, ropes and spreader bars but our range of arm binders are some of our best sellers.

Arm binders wrap around your entire body, pinning your arms to your sides and binding your legs together. They are the perfect way to dominate your sub and render them helpless while you do whatever you want to them. Arm binders can be used to control, humiliate, tease and discipline making them one of the most versatile bondage accessories.

Arm binders can be used for both men and women and they are great for roleplaying with your partner and experimenting with trust, dominance and submission. At Peachy BDSM we offer speedy, secure delivery on all arm binders with free shipping for orders over $99.