Collection: Whips

There are few impact toys that are more quintessential to BDSM play than a classic whip. They are a crucial toy in any serious BDSM sex toy collection that are perfect for punishing a disobedient sub, experimenting with roleplay and delivering a healthy dose of pleasure and pain.

At Peachy BDSM we have a range of different whips to fulfil every one of your fetishes and flogging fantasies. Our range includes springy spanking whips, devil tail whips with an attached butt plug and many more. All our whips are beautifully designed and made from high-materials so they will last for years if you take care of them.

Ready to paint somebody’s rear bright pink? We offer fast, reliable delivery on all our whips with 100% free shipping across Australia for orders over $69. What are you waiting for? Choose your new whip today.