Collection: Blindfolds

Ball gags are classic BDSM sex toys and are vital additions to every BDSM lover’s collection. They are balls that are placed inside the mouth with a strap that is secured around the head so that they are held in place. Ball gags rend the wearer mute until their dom needs to take the gag out so they can speak (or when the dom wants to use their mouth!)

Peachy BDSM has a range of different ball gags for sale both individually and as part of a BDSM kit. We also have ball gags with blindfolds attached and others connected to wrist cuffs. All of our ball gags are made from high-quality materials and are easy to clean and maintain.

Ball gags can be used by both men and women making them the perfect toy for partner play. We offer fast, discreet delivery with free delivery for orders over $69.