Collection: Spreader Bars

BDSM is all about pushing your limits, stepping out of your comfort zone and stretching your imagination. The best BDSM toys are those which help you to physically expand your horizons and so our spreader bars are some of our most popular items.

Made popular by the hit movie, Fifty Shades of Grey, there are various different types of spreader bars in our collection with a range of cuffs and collars. We have spreader bars with hand, ankles and throat shackles, four cuff spreader bars for hands and feet and even a bar with a pretty bow for when you’re feeling cute.

All of our spreader bars at Peachy BDSM have secure attachments so once you are locked in you will be at the total mercy of your dom. The cuffs and collars are safe and comfortable so you don’t need to worry about irritation or injuries while you are being spread out.