Collection: Ring Gags

Gags are classic BDSM accessories, rendering the wearer mute and submissive to their dom’s desires. Ring gags are some of the most popular gags available, designed to hold your mouth wide open, creating vulnerability and trust between you and your partner.

Peachy BDSM has a carefully curated selection of ring gags, each designed to open up new avenues of erotic communication and intimacy without words. They are all made from high-quality, body-safe materials, ensuring comfort, safety and durability. We have ring gags in various sizes and with adjustable straps to guarantee a perfect fit.

You can use a ring gag for all kinds of exciting BDSM fun, from spit play to oral fixation to wet and wild throat jobs. This erotic versatility will allow you to broaden your BDSM horizons and experiment with control, submission and domination.

Browse our full collection of ring gags and open yourself up (pun intended!) to unique oral experiences.