Collection: Metal Butt Plugs

Are you looking to polish your posterior pleasure? Then Peachy BDSM's metal butt plug collection has exactly what you need!

We absolutely love stainless steel and it is probably our absolute favourite anal sex toy material! Its solid heft creates a feeling of ultimate fullness while its sleek, smooth surface allows for easy insertion. 

One of the most special aspects of metal butt plugs is the potential for temperature play. All you need to do is put your metal butt plug in the freezer or in a bowl of hot water, leave it for a few minutes, and brace yourself for a rush of sensations.

All of our metal butt plugs combine sleek design with durable functionality, offering unparalleled erotic experiences for backdoor beginners and pros alike. They have a wide base for safety, a tapered shaft for easy penetration and come in every size, shape and colour.

Browse our full range of metal butt plugs and choose your shiny new best friend!