Collection: Tail Butt Plugs

Are you looking to unleash your inner beast, assume your pet persona or simply give your booty a stylish new look? Then it is the perfect time to add a tail butt plug to your sex toy treasure chest!

Tail butt plugs are specially designed toys anal toys that combine pleasure with fantasy. They can be used for pup play, cosplay and all kinds of fetish fulfilment. 

Peachy BDSM has a fantastic selection of tail butt plugs, featuring high-quality plugs and lifelike tails. The butt plugs themselves are ergonomically designed with flared bases and tapered shafts for your safety and comfort. 

Our tail butt plugs come in different sizes and styles and with tails from both real and fantasy animals. They are perfect for solo play, BDSM roleplay and dressing to impress your lucky partner!

Browse our full collection of tail butt plugs and wag your way to new and exciting experiences!