Collection: Pup Play

Putting on your pup play outfit is about more than just dressing the part; it is an immersive step into a role that encourages freedom of expression, exploration of your pup persona and a deepened sense of connection with your handler and fellow pups. It allows you to lose yourself entirely in your pup role and make the most of your pup playtime.

Peachy BDSM's pup play collection has everything you need for the ultimate pup experience. We have full-face pup hoods in a range of designs to match your pup personality, pup collars to identify your handler and attach a leash and tail butt plugs for an authentic wagging experience. 

All of our pup play items come in a range of colours, designs and styles for the ultimate in customisation. They are made from the highest-quality materials that are body-safe, easy to clean and super durable. 

Browse our full pup play collection today and bring your inner pup to life.