Collection: Pup Collars

Pup collars are more than just cute accessories for an obedient pooch; they are emblems of devotion, symbols of belonging and a fantastic way to immerse yourself in your true pup identity. A pup collar can be worn as part of a bigger costume, to identify a pup’s owner and as a convenient way to attach a leash to an over-excited pet.

At Peachy BDSM, our range of pup collars caters to the diverse spectrum of personalities in the pup play community. They come in a variety of colours, styles and designs to suit every need. 

Whether you are a rough and ready alpha pup who loves to make trouble or a cute playful pet who needs a little extra TLC, we have the perfect pup collar for you.

Browse our full collection of pup collars today and find your favourite. All are beautifully made from the highest quality materials so they look great, feel great and will withstand even the most boisterous pup play.