Collection: Mouth Gags

Mouth gags are some of the most popular BDSM sex toys among doms and subs alike. They force the wearer into silent submission, opening the door to new intimate forms of erotic expression. With a mouth gag preventing any moans of pleasure (or groans of protest), even the smallest gestures, looks and touches can become powerful ways to communicate and encourage.

Peachy BDSM has an incredible collection of mouth gags to fulfil all your kinks and fantasies. They come in different designs, colours and materials, with each providing unique sensations. We have softer mouth gags that fit comfortably in the mouth and more hardcore gags for a more intense domineering experience.

All our mouth gags are made from high-quality materials and are easy to clean and look after. They come in different sizes and with adjustable straps to ensure comfortable wear every time.

Browse our full collection of mouth gags and bring a deeper exploration of trust and intimacy to your BDSM play.