Collection: Cum Lube

Everything is better when it’s wetter and cum lube is your ticket to a blissfully silky smooth experience. Specially designed to mimic the feel and look of the real thing, cum lube can add a tantalising touch of realism to your bedroom bonking and leave you as shiny as a glazed doughnut.

Cum lube can be used for a whole host of horny hobbies. First and foremost, it is a fantastic personal lubricant which can turn your pleasure up to eleven! It is also perfect for safely exploring all your cum-based fantasies, from creampies to bukkakes to full-body splatterings. You can also it to fill up your ejaculating dildo and start pumping for an ultra-lifelike money shot.

Our range of cum lube at Peachy BDSM is water-based, super easy to clean and totally safe to use with condoms and silicone sex toys

So if you’re looking to get wet and wild, cum lube is exactly what you need!