Collection: Male Masturbators

For millions of years (give or take), the sex toy market catered for ladies only, with men forced to make do with their own hand. Fast forward a few billion years, and there a literally trillions of sex toys designed specifically for the humble man.

Masturbators are some of the most popular and pleasurable male sex toys. They come in various shapes and styles but all are designed to mimic the sensations and experience of your favourite orifice. There are simple masturbators which could be mistaken for a reusable coffee cup and high-tech fleshlights sculpted from the lady parts of your favourite adult star.

Peachy BDSM has a mammoth collection of masturbators to help you get your rocks off. They are durable, safe and are designed to withstand years of hardcore pummelling. Each masturbator has its own unique features and internal textures so you are sure to find one which floats your horny boat.

Browse our full collection and get ready to enter the wonderful world of masturbators.