Collection: Nipple Pumps

Nipples are among the most sensitive erogenous zones for both men and women alike. Packed full of nerve endings, they can be tweaked, pinched, nibbled and pulled, providing plenty of pleasure (and even a little erotic pain!)

There are loads of fantastic nipple toys but nipple pumps are the ultimate way to ramp up the sensations. Nipple pumps feature suction cups that are placed securely over the nipples, creating a vacuum. They come with an integrated pump which increases blood flow to your nipples, engorging these delightful little bumps and making them ultra-sensitive.  

At Peachy BDSM, we have an extensive range of nipple pumps for you to choose from, all made from high-quality body-safe materials. They can help you enhance your nipple play, explore your body in exciting new ways and will withstand even the most rigorous pumping.

Browse our full range today and add some extra pump to your humps!