Collection: Dildos

Dildos are quintessential sex toys which have been around since cavemen first used mammoth tusks to spice up things in the bedroom (probably). They are incredibly versatile BDSM sex toys which can be used for oral, vaginal and anal penetration, spanking, choking, teasing and humiliation.

Like real flesh and bone(r) penises, dildos come in all shapes, sizes and colours and our extensive range means you are sure to find the right one (or two or ten) to suit your needs. We have huge dildos for all the size kings and queens, anal dildos with flared bases and many, many more.

All our dildos come in discreet, non-dildo-shaped packages and with speedy delivery across Australia. As with all our BDSM sex toys, we even offer free delivery on orders over $69 so you can really start to build your collection.