Collection: Hollow Butt Plugs

If you are looking for a butt plug that leaves the door of exploration wide open, then hollow butt plugs are the sex toy for you. Also known as tunnel butt plugs, they provide all the benefits of a standard plug but with uninterrupted access.

Hollow butt plugs can be used for every kind of backdoor mischief including anal stimulation, training and sexual enhancement. Their unique hollow design delivers an unparalleled gape for the insertion of fingers, tongues, sex toys and liquids, and allows for a feeling of openness and vulnerability. This is a great way to build intimacy and trust with your partner and to explore the deepest depths of each other’s bodies.

We have a fantastic collection of hollow butt plugs in different shapes, sizes and designs. All are made from high-quality materials so they are safe to use, easy to clean and guarantee some seriously sexy sensations.

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