Collection: Bondage Hoods

Sensory deprivation is a key aspect of many people’s BDSM play, particularly visual deprivation. Hoods are the absolute best for blindfolding people because they cover the whole face making it completely impossible for the wearer to see. In addition, hoods also affect hearing and some can even be used to control your ability to breathe. Wearing a hood means you must give up a huge amount of control to your dom which requires trust and can be a massive turn on.

At Peachy BDSM, we have a serious range of hoods to suit every desire including total blackout hoods, zip-mouth hoods and even a pup hood. All of our hoods are made from high-quality materials including 100% vegan leather and are easy to clean and look after.

We offer fast delivery across Australia with free, discreet delivery on orders over $69. Order your new hood today!