Different Types of Butt Plugs: The Ultimate Guide

two types of butt plugs one pink one black


If you’re looking to add a little excitement to your sex life, then you may want to consider using a butt plug. Butt plugs come in all shapes and sizes and can be made from a variety of materials but they are all fantastic sex toys for anal play.

But with so many different types and sizes available, how do you know which one is right for you?

In this comprehensive guide, we will take a look at the different types of butt plugs available and discuss some of the key features to consider when making your purchase. We’ll also provide some tips on how to use them safely and effectively. So whether you’re a first-time buyer or you have the world’s biggest sex toy collection, we’ve got you covered!

Regular Butt Plugs

Regular butt plugs are sex toys with a tapered tip and a flared base. This shape is designed to make using a butt plug as simple and safe as possible. The tapered tip makes anal penetration easy while the flared base means a butt plug inserted into the anus will not be sucked up. Butt plugs are available in a range of different materials with the most common being:

Silicone Butt plugs

A silicone butt plug is a soft, flexible plug that is ideal for anal play. Most butt plugs these days are made from silicone because it is such a flexible material that it makes insertion easier. Silicone also quickly warms up to your body temperature making a silicone butt plug a very comfortable choice.

Like all silicone toys, it is important that you always use the right lube when playing with a silicone plug. Silicone lubricant is actually bad for silicone toys because it causes the material to break down which increases the chances of bacteria growing on your plug. This is why you should never use silicone lube when using a silicone butt plug.

Glass Butt Plugs

A glass butt plug is harder and less flexible than a silicone plug making it the perfect plug for people who like something a little more sturdy. Glass butt plugs have a very solid flared base which means they can be kept in long-term without any risk of them being sucked up. Glass plugs are also great because they can be heated up or cooled down in hot or cold water. This makes them the best plugs for temperature play.

various types of metal butt plugs


Metal Butt Plugs

Metal anal plugs are usually made from stainless steel which is a very safe and hygienic material. It is 100% non-toxic and non-reactive which means a metal plug will not cause any unpleasant reactions. A metal plug is also very easy to clean and sterilise which means you will be able to use your plug for years to come.

Like glass plugs, metal ones can also be used for temperature play which gives those materials an advantage over other butt plugs made from silicone or hard plastic.

Large Butt Plugs

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to butt stuff. Some people’s anal muscles are just too tight for a larger butt plug and so they prefer a smaller anal toy. However, for those people with well-trained anal muscles (see training kits below), extra-large butt plugs can provide some serious extra stimulation.

The important thing is to know your own body when choosing a butt plug and make sure you are comfortable. Some people see pornstars use a huge butt plug and wrongly assume that it is easy.

However, it is important to remember that are professionals who have already trained their anal muscles extensively and will also have warmed up for a long time before the scene. If in doubt, start off with a smaller butt plug and work your way up.

Inflatable Butt Plugs

Inflatable plugs are exactly what they sound like: butt plugs that can be inserted and then inflated to stretch your anus. An inflatable butt plug is a great method of anal training as you can slowly increase its girth and stretch your anal muscles without needing many different sized plugs.

Inflatable plugs are great for both solo play and partnered play as long as you trust your partner to be responsible with the pump.

Butt Plug Tails

Tail butt plugs are anal toys that work just like any other plug but have furry tails attached. These tails are designed to look like an animal tail and are perfect for people who like to mix their anal play with a little cosplay. You can find all kinds of tail butt plugs but some of the most popular are horse/pony tails, fox tails, cat tails, and bunny tails.

Jewelled Butt Plugs

Diamonds really are a girl’s and a man’s best friends (sorry dogs!) which is why jewelled butt plugs are so popular. These have the classic butt plug design but the flared base is a fake (or real!) jewel. This means that not only will your butt plug provide all the anal pleasure you are looking for, it will also look absolutely fabulous in your ass!

Vibrating Butt Plug

A vibrating butt plug is one that works like a normal vibrator but with the shape and design of a classic butt plug. Vibrating plugs help both the anal sphincter and prostate relax which will help to loosen you up to make anal sex easier. Vibrating butt plugs are incredible for anal stimulation because the vibrations will go through all the sensitive nerve endings in your anal canal.

The great thing about using a vibrating plug is that either you or your partner can be in charge of the intensity and patterns of the vibrations. Many people like to use vibrating butt plugs like love eggs and wear them out in public. This means you can get up to some naughtiness without anyone knowing. There are even waterproof vibrating butt plugs available which are ideal for shower play.

Hollow/Tunnel Butt Plugs

Hollow/tunnel plugs are really fun toys that can literally reveal every inch of you to your partner. You can use a hollow butt plug for all kinds of anal play, enema play and of course for warming yourself up for full anal sex. One way to enjoy a hollow butt plug is to insert a smaller sex toy into the tunnel for some direct prostate play!

Anal Training Kits

Training kits are the ideal way to prepare yourself for some good old-fashioned butt play. The kits come with a range of plugs in different sizes so that you go at your own pace while you loosen your sphincter muscle for anal sex or play.

These may be silicone plugs, glass plugs or metal butt plugs but the best way is to start out with the most teeny-tiny plug. If you feel any discomfort, let yourself relax and apply more lube. There are various types of lube available including silicone lubes, oil-based lubes and water-based lubes but just remember not to use silicone lube with a silicone toy.

Rimming Plugs

A rimming plug is a fantastic toy that provides the same sensations as oral-anal sex without needing somebody else’s mouth. All you need to do is pop the rimming plug in and turn it on and the rotating beads implanted in the shaft will start to rotate, imitating the sensation of oral sex. Rimming plugs are some of the best butt plugs for solo play because they provide an incredible experience without the need for a partner.

Cock Ring Butt Plugs

Another really fun sex toy for men is a cock ring butt plug. These are basically regular butt plugs with a ring attached that goes over the penis. These are perfect for both male g spot stimulation and additional penis stimulation which can really take your anal play to another level.

There are also vibrating butt plugs with vibrating cock rings attached which maximise the stimulation of both the prostate gland and the penis for those who really want something a little special.

Glow in the Dark Butt Plugs

There is nothing worse than not being able to find your butt plug when the lights are off (particularly if it’s already in your ass), so glow in the dark plugs are a fun, novelty way to enjoy some butt play at night. Glow in the dark butt plugs are usually made from silicone or hard plastic and come in a huge range of vibrant colours, shapes and sizes.

Anal Beads

As well as butt plugs there are other anal toys that are a whole lot of fun! Anal beads are literally “strings of beads” that can be inserted into your ass one at a time. This means that there is no chance of the toys getting stuck up there because you can always leave a few beads hanging out. There are anal beads that come in different sizes so you can fill your ass as little or as much you want. Anal beads also come in a variety of materials to fit every preference.

Tips for Safe Anal Sex

Anal plays and penetrative anal sex can be a whole lot of fun but it’s very important that you know how to stay safe. When exploring anal play for the first time, it is important to choose a butt plug that you can insert comfortably.

As explained above, some people rush into anal play with a butt plug that is far bigger than they are ready for because they have seen their favourite pornstars use giant plugs. The best advice is always to start out with a small butt plug and to use plenty of lube for easy insertion. You can always work up to a bigger butt plug after some training.

Hygiene is also very important when it comes to any kind of anal sex. You should always make sure that you clean your butt plug after every use and if you are sharing your plug then it is always advisable to use condoms. Never use your butt plug for vaginal penetration after you have used it in your ass or vice-versa because this is a surefire way to spread unpleasant bacteria.

The Big Climax

Butt plugs are fantastic sex toys that can really bring an extra dimension to your bedroom fun. The best butt plugs provide all incomparable stimulation of all of your naughtiest bits and are completely safe as long as you choose the right plug and know how to use it and clean it correctly.

If you are new to anal play, make sure you ease your way into it with a small plug before moving on to something more substantial. With so many great options available, you are sure to find a plug that fits you perfectly! (Pun very much intended.)