A Beginners Guide to Pup Play

pup hood and pup mask facing eachother on a white background


Pup Play is a type of roleplay where participants adopt the mentality and mannerisms of a dog. All pups are different, with some taking on more canine characteristics than others. If you don’t want to roleplay as a dog yourself, there’s room for you in the pup play world too.

If you’re interested in beginning pup play and don’t know where to start, we’re here to help guide you through your pup journey. Keep on reading to learn more about the basics of pup play, tips for choosing your pup name and finding pup play gear.

What is Puppy Play?

It’s important to state this early on: Pup play is not bestiality and does not include real dogs in any way.

Pup play is an activity where men and women roleplay as dogs. It can be seen as a fetish to some, but there are pups out there who enjoy pup play in a non-sexual way.

There are lots of different ways for people to explore pup play. You could be an alpha who runs a pack, the submissive omega of the pack or a handler that looks after their pups. If you’re interested in pup play, try to explore these options to find out how you enjoy pup play the most.

Different Roles in Pup Play

Some of the characters in pup play are:


A pup is a person that enjoys roleplaying as a dog. This can include taking on behaviour such as:

  • Moving like a dog
  • Barking
  • Playing with dog toys
  • Holding items in your mouth like a dog
  • Rolling around on the floor

Pups will usually wear pup gear to help them assimilate their role, including items like pup masks, tails, pup mitts and collars.

Pup Hierarchy

There are Alphas, Betas and Omegas. Alphas are the leaders of the pack and are dominant, followed by Betas who are only submissive to their Alpha. Omegas are at the bottom, and are usually the most submissive pups in the pack.


Like stray dogs, a Stray is a pup that doesn’t wear a collar or have a handler. They also don't usually belong to a pack.


Handlers are people who participate in pup play alongside pups. There are usually more pups than handlers, so handlers usually have multiple pups that they look after instead of just looking after a single pup.

Handlers can take a variety of forms, from a caretaker that nurtures their pups to a strict master who demands obedience from their pups. Handlers can have platonic, sexual and romantic relationships with their pups.


A companion is a person that engages in pup play by treating the pups as they would real dogs. This role is suited for beginners who don’t want to become a handler just yet but would still like to be involved in pup play.

Why Do People Like Pup Play?

There are many reasons why people enjoy pup play, here are a few examples of why someone might enjoy it:

  • Pup play serves as an escape from real life, allowing you to forget about your problems and de-stress.
  • Enjoying a dom/sub relationship and wanting to take it to a new level, either in a pup/handler relationship or alpha/omega relationship.
  • Enjoying the care of a handler, being spoiled and looked after.
  • Finding personal enjoyment in roleplaying as a pup and being able to be something that is totally different to your regular self.

Choosing Your Pup Name

There are theories that the name you are given is so important that it will define your path in life. Pup names are no different, except you have a choice in the matter this time.

Your pup name can convey a lot of information about you and is something that you should think about before making a decision. This is the name that you will answer to during pup play, so you should pick a name that you like and will happily respond to.

If you are alone, you will have to think of a name yourself. If you have a handler, they can help suggest names until you find the right one. This will also help you bond with your handler as they will feel connected to you going through this process, especially if you pick a name that they have suggested.

Pup Play Gear

Here’s a list of different things you can buy to immerse yourself in pup play:


Wearing a pup mask or hood is the fastest way for you to show others that you are a pup. It will allow you to quickly assume the mentality of a pup, as well as boosting your other senses due to the minor sensory deprivation that comes with wearing a hood.


There are two types of tails that you can use for pup play, show tails and tail plugs.

A show tail is a harness or belt with a tail attached, allowing you to wear it over clothing and during sex.

A tail plug is a butt plug with a tail attached, great for horny pups who want to wag their tail to seduce a fellow pup or handler.


Pup collars are used in pup play to show ownership of a dog by a handler. They will help a pup get into a good mental state, as well as reinforcing the underlying dominant and submissive themes present in pup play.


Dog leashes are an accessory to be used with collars, allowing handlers to take their pup for a walk or to be used when their pup is being mischievous.

Pup Mitts

Pup mitts restrain the wearer’s mobility and ability to interact with other objects. This will force the pup to act like a dog would, using their mouth to pick things up instead of their hands.

Knee Pads

Investing in a good set of knee pads will help protect your knees from injury, as you will be crawling around on them a lot during pup play. This will allow you to enjoy being a pup for longer periods of time.

What To Do Before Starting Pup Play

Communication with your partner, or partners, is essential. Everyone should know how you want to participate in pup play so they can treat you accordingly. Discuss any hard limits you may have, and the sexual and non-sexual interests you have regarding pup play. Being on the same page with your handler or your fellow pups will ensure that you can all enjoy pup play sessions together.


If you’ve been interested in pup play for a while or are looking for something new to try, now is the perfect time to explore your new life as a pup or a handler. If you enjoy pup play, it can even become a regular part of your life. Make sure you invest in high quality pup gear so that you can enjoy your pup sessions as much as possible.

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