Collection: Ass Masturbators

Are you looking to explore the less-travelled path of pleasure? Well then, Peachy BDSM's bootylicious bounty of ass masturbators can take you directly from boredom to backdoor bliss!

The beauty of ass masturbators is all in the detail! These devices are packed full (pardon the pun) of anatomically correct features, from tight entries to textured canals. These are designed to simulate the intense sensations of anal intercourse, with every detail crafted for maximum realism. 

Each ass masturbator is made from high-quality, body-safe materials like soft silicone, which not only feel incredibly lifelike but also ensure a comfortable experience. They are also easy to clean and maintain and are compatible with every type of lube. All this means you can focus on the backdoor bonking without any worry!

So lube yourself up and dive deep into Peachy BDSM's collection of ass masturbators. Whether you’re screwing solo or participating in partner posterior play, our ass masturbators are sure to add a new dimension to your adventures.