Collection: Couple Vibrators

Hey, lovebirds! Looking for a way to keep things nice and spicy? Introducing Peachy BDSM's couple vibrators - dynamic duo delights designed to add an extra zing and provide simultaneous sensations!

Couple vibrators are specially crafted to be used during partner sex or mutual masturbation sessions. They come in various styles but most have a crescent-moon shape, with both partners inserting one end each. Different couple vibrators are designed for different stimulation but all will bring you up close and personal with your other half while your naughty bits are buzzing!

Peachy BDSM's couple vibrators are all about flexibility and control. They come with various vibration speeds and patterns so you can take it in turns to experiment with the settings. This means you can tease and titillate each other just as things are heating up before turning things up to 11!

So chalk a date night into your schedule and treat yourselves to one of our extra special couple vibrators.