Collection: Penis Sleeves & Penis Extenders

If you are looking to stretch your imagination - and maybe something else! - Peachy BDSM's range of penis sleeves and extenders can provide a world of enhanced pleasure and confidence. These innovative devices boost not only penis size but also the overall sensory experience for both the wearer and their partner.

Penis sleeves are all about enhancing what you’ve already got. These toys slip over your own equipment to add length and girth, desensitise you for longer lovemaking and keep you solid as a rock. They can be worn by anyone with a penis and can spice up the sexiness in any situation.

Peachy BDSM's penis extenders and sleeves come in a range of colours, sizes and awesome designs. We have total-cover sleeves to reduce sensations, textured sleeves for increased pleasure and serious extenders for deeper penetration. All are made from high-quality silicone so they feel incredible for both parties and are super easy to look after and clean. 

Browse our full range of penis extenders and sleeves - it's like a new custom suit for your cock!