Collection: Squirting Dildos

Get ready to make a splash with Peachy BDSM's extensive squirting dildo collection! These ejaculating pleasure pals are sure to leave you soaked and satisfied time after time whether you are playing with your partner or by yourself.

Peachy BDSM's squirting dildos are designed for those who crave authenticity in their play. 

They work just like a regular dildo, but when the moment’s right, just give the attached bulb a squeeze, and deliver a colossal cum shot that would make a firehose proud! The internal reservoir can be filled with your choice of liquid - be it water, cum lube or your favourite tipple - so there is no end to the erotic possibilities.  

Our squirting dildos come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs, so whether you want a veiny, lifelike model or a unique fantasy toy, our collection has you covered. 

Explore the full squirting dildo selection at Peachy BDSM and prepare for a wet and wild ride!