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Thrusting dildos have long since…thrust…their way to the forefront of the sex toy world. Designed to mimic the natural motions of lovemaking with dynamic, automated thrusts, these innovative devices bring a new level of intensity and realism to solo sessions and couple-play.

Each thrusting dildo in Peachy BDSM's collection is engineered for performance and pleasure with robust internal mechanisms that provide consistent, rhythmic thrusting. From gentle, slow movements that build anticipation to faster, more forceful thrusts to take you to the brink and beyond, our thrusting dildos can satisfy your every desire. 

All of our thrusting dildos are crafted from high-quality, body-safe materials that feel incredibly lifelike. Each model features varying speeds and patterns of thrusting action, allowing you to find the rhythm that works best for you. They come with responsive controls for easy intensity adjustment to make sure you don’t miss a sexual beat!

Explore into Peachy BDSM's thrusting dildo collection today and put your trust in the thrust!