Collection: Unicorn Dildos

The unicorn is the most beloved of all mythical creatures known for its purity and power. This ethereal beast is the subject of countless fantasy stories but, more importantly, is also the inspiration for Peachy BDSM's exclusive line of unicorn dildos.

Our unicorn dildos have been expertly crafted to embody the unicorn’s spirit and grace and to bring a touch of magic into your intimate moments. These horn-shaped sex toys are extra long and extra girthy, with curves designed to hit all your secret sensitive spots. All of our unicorn dildos are made from the highest quality silicone and come in beautiful swirling colours. 

They are easy to clean and look after and can be used for masturbation, fantasy partner play and as playful ornaments (only joking!) Each unicorn dildo brings its own unique pleasure with special features like textured shafts and suction cup bases for hands-free play. 

Browse our full collection of unicorn dildos and discover new realms of pleasure and fantasy.