BDSM Guide to Anal Hooks

anal hook with question mark


If you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom with some new sex toys, look no further. BDSM can introduce you to a lot of new kinks and toys, with anal hooks being one of them.

If you’ve never heard of an anal hook before, you may be wondering what an anal hook is, how it’s even used and how they feel. If you want to answer these questions and sate your curiosity, keep on reading.

What are Anal Hooks?

To no one’s surprise, anal hooks are used to pleasure the anus. They are shaped like a hook, with a smooth rounded edge that is inserted into the anus. Anal hooks usually have a ball tip to prevent it slipping out during play, but you can also find hooks with flared edges similar to butt plugs. Other hooks also have interchangeable tips so you can swap between a ball, a ribbed butt plug or any other options that are available.

On the other end of the hook can be a ring that fits your finger, or can be used to attach a rope or chain to the hook.

What do anal hooks feel like

If you like anal stimulation, anal hooks will be right up your alley. In general, inserting the hook can stimulate the nerve endings found in the anus. The ball tip can also give you a feeling of fullness, putting pressure on the prostate for male subs. The feelings you experience will depend on the tip of your hook, try a hook that has interchangeable tips to find out exactly what you like.

Anal hooks are versatile toys usually used in BDSM play. Inserting it is just the beginning of your fun, as there are lots of different things you and your dom can do once you’re hooked. This includes:

  • You or your dom gently playing with the hook
  • Your dom attaching a lead to the hook, making you crawl on your hands and knees
  • Using rope or chains to tie the hook to something, limiting your movement

Using an anal hook will also enhance feelings of dominance and submission in you and your partner. Being hooked can put you in an exposed, compromising position where you have no choice but to listen to your dom.

Despite the name, anal hooks are also safe to use vaginally if anal is a hard limit for your sub.

Tips for Using Anal Hooks

If you are interested in anal hooks, and anal play in general, there are some things that you will need to consider.


Foreplay is important for relaxing your sub, especially if they are new to anal play. Using your fingers, butt plugs or small toys to play with their anus will help to relax them and help prevent pain caused from inserting the anal hook.

This will definitely get you and your partner in the mood to start using the anal hook.


Lubrication is essential for any form of anal play. Trying to insert anything that hasn’t been sufficiently lubricated into the anus is just asking for a bad time. This can range from being unable to properly insert the anal hook, to hurting your sub and completely ruining the mood. Make sure you are generous with lube when you being anal play, with more on hand in case you need to use some more during your session.

There are different types of lube that you can use, each with different benefits. Water based lube is easy to clean but can also dry up quickly. Oil and silicone based lubes are recommended, as they are both completely compatible with steel anal hooks and will last you a lot longer.


We all know what comes out of the anus so it’s important that your sub has good anal hygiene. There are many different ways to clean yourself before anal play, some people are confident that they are clean enough after using the toilet while others will opt to use a douche to make sure there won’t be any accidents.

Hygiene is also important for your anal hook as well, as you don’t want to insert a dirty toy into your partner’s anus. Make sure it is cleaned before and after use to ensure you don’t introduce something harmful to your partner’s anus.

You must also be careful about introducing any bacteria from the anus to the vagina. It is advisable that you clean the hook if you intend on using it both vaginally and anally.


Check up on your partner during the session to make sure they are having a good time. They may also have some suggestions on how to use the anal hook, or they may let you know that they want to take a break or try something else.


Anal hooks are a fun toy to introduce to your partner. They are commonly used as a toy for doms and subs in BDSM, but that doesn’t mean that only BDSM enthusiasts can use them. Make sure that you remember to follow our tips and guidelines to ensure that you enjoy using the anal hook safely.

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