Collection: Gags, Blindfolds and Hoods

Sensory control and deprivation are a major part of many different types of BDSM fetishes and kinks. When one sense is taken away, it can heighten all your other senses adding extra spice to your BDSM play.

Blindfolds mean you can’t see what is being done to you which adds the element of surprise and heightens the sensations of your body being touched. Depending on the style, a BDSM hood will not only restrict your sight and hearing it may also make it more difficult to breathe. Many BDSM lovers like to engage in breath play which is the ultimate test of trust and control.

Peachy BDSM has a huge range of different gags, blindfolds and hoods for you to experiment with and enjoy. All our orders are subject to fast, discreet delivery across Australia with orders over $69 eligible for 100% free delivery.